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Leather Motorcycle Coats

I used to use two motorcycle leather coats.

The first one was cheap and low quality,
It put a lot of its weight on my shoulders (that's very bad since it's heavy, it should be on your hips).
The coat was hard to walk in because it restricted the movement in my arms
(bad quality shape and no stretchable leather or fabric in the movement sections).
It was also hot because it had no ventilation.

My second leather coat was high quality and expensive.
It is very good and very practical on and off the motorcycle.
It is adjustable and elastic around my hips so nearly all the coats weight is on my hips,
there is very little weight on my shoulders,
sometimes there is a little air between coat and my shoulder / neck (that's very good when using for long periods).
The arm joints have stretchable leather so it hardly restricts my movement when walking
(very useful, I can walk for miles easily).
It has good ventilation, small holes under the arms,
zips front and back that when open allows the coat to breathe very well in hot weather
and adjustable vents in the top of the coat.
It also has all the hard body armour in the arms but still hardly restricts my movement when I am walking.

Lots of people will tell you a motorcycle leather coat should be tight and only allow something like a shirt to be worn beneath it.
I have always used a coat that is slightly too big for me, so I can wear anything beneath the coat.
As the weather gets colder I put thicker and warmer layers of clothes on underneath the coat.
When it's really cold I put an outdoor / mountain thick fleece on underneath.
In the coldest days of winter I put a Water Proof coat over the leather coat which substantially reduces the cold
(stops the wind getting though the zips and seams).

As a result I am able to use the leather coat comfortably almost all year round in the UK.
The only times I struggle is during the very hottest days of summer (because black leather does not reflect the sun),
and when it's raining and very windy, because the Water Proof coat I put over the leather,
increases the wind resistance and how much I am blown about in side winds.

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