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Motorcycle Insurance in the UK

In the UK, there is one golden rule with insurance that applies to any make or model of motorcycle,
shop around and get as many quotes as possible.

Every year when your insurance comes up for renewal,
shop around again and get as many quotes as possible.

I cannot tell you which insurance broker is the cheapest or most expensive for you,
it depends on so many variables including your age, bike and location.
Don't be surprised if you see variations of 50% or even over 100% in the cheapest and most expensive price.

Some insurance companies change their risk assessment system every few months
which can also lead to a dramatic change in price.

For a list of insurance brokers simply google motorcycle insurance

Nearly all insurance brokers sell several different insurance policies from different insurance companies.
Brokers often charge you an administration fee (the price is included in the insurance quote).
This fee sometimes varies by more than £10 for an identical insurance policy from the same insurance company.

I would advise against relying on websites that claim to compare loads of different insurance brokers for you.
Because all the ones I have found are missing at least one that is often the cheapest.
I am not the only one to warn about these sorts of websites,
they have been reported in the press several times for car insurance and other types of insurance.

If you want or need breakdown cover,
when you get an insurance quote,
it is worth looking if it comes with free breakdown cover or if it is an optional extra.
Since it often works out cheaper than buying breakdown cover separately.

If you need to find out how much your bike is worth,
please see my Used Bike Prices UK and the 2nd Hand Bike Ads UK section beneath it.