125cc Motorcycle Owners Club

Honda CBF125, CBR125 and Yamaha YBR125

125cc Motorcycle Owners Club

This website currently is a combined

Honda CBF125 Owners Club

Honda CBR125 Owners Club

Yamaha YBR125 Owners Club

This website is based on my Honda CG125 Owners Club website.

This website has been created from many years of experience, testing and reviews of everything motorcycle.
Including Servicing, Basic Fault Finding, Tyres, Oil, Valve Clearance, Clothing.

You will need your Owner's Manual; this website often tells you to look in to it for some details.

If you do not have the Honda CBF125 Owner's Manual, buy the Haynes Honda CBF125 Service Manual instead.

If you do not have the Honda CBR125 Owner's Manual, buy the Haynes Honda CBR125 Service Manual instead.

Yamaha YBR125 Owners Manuals direct links to all UK versions 2006   2007   2008 Custom   2009   2010   2014
The links were obtained from Yamaha's UK website   (services) menu which also has other versions for free.

Normal motorcycle owners do not require a service / workshop manual, to carry out routine servicing.
Because the owner's manual and this website are all you need.
But for more advanced mechanics you can purchase the.
Haynes Honda CBF125 Service Manual
Haynes Honda CBR125 Service Manual
Haynes Yamaha YBR125 Service Manual

Honda and Yamaha also make Workshop Manuals for the bikes.
They cover every single part of the bike but they are written for professional mechanics, not amateur mechanics.

I have not put a forum on this website since 125cc forums never seem to work.

The Honda CBF125 is called the Honda Stunner in India.
There are 2 versions of the bike, the only difference I believe is one has Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) the other has a carburettor.

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